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We offer comprehensive diagnostic testing requested by authorized military and civilian providers. Requests from civilian providers must include the doctor’s license and/or DEA number, telephone and fax number. Preoperative patients requiring either a cross-match or Type and Screen must present to the laboratory with a completed SF 518, Blood or Blood Component Transfusion for each unit requested, no earlier than 48 hours before scheduled surgery. Patient instructions are available at the reception desk for: cholesterol and cardiac risk evaluation; glucose screens; post vasectomy; stool sample collection; fecal occult blood; 24-hour urine collection; clean catch midstream urine collection; pinworm sample collection; and sputum collection. Appropriate collection containers will be available for distribution.

General Fasting Instructions: Recommend fasting for eight hours prior to collection of lipid studies, or follow your provider’s instructions. During this period, refrain from eating or drinking, except plain water. Abstain from alcohol ingestion for 72 hours prior to sample collection. Medications should be continued unless advised otherwise by the provider.

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Location: Building 5955, Moose Wing, First floor.


  • Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Closed the third Thursday for training

Telephone: 907-580-6565

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