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Refractive Surgery Program

We offer refractive surgery options, PRK, LASIK, and depending on specific qualifying criteria, Implantable Collamer Lens, or ICL. We require two complete eye exams at least one year apart. One must be current within a year. This is to identify a stable eyeglass prescription. If your prescription has never been checked by an optometrist at a military clinic, please submit a copy of an eye exam from your civilian eye care provider. Active, Guard, Reserve and Public Health Service personnel who meet the following minimum requirements may apply for refractive surgery:

  • Personnel must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Personnel must not be anticipating or undergoing a medical evacuation board, or MEB, process, at the date of application.
  • Personnel must not be tasked to deploy for up to two months after surgery until steroid eye drop taper is complete. Average number of days member is not worldwide qualified:
    • PRK: 60 days
    • LASIK: 30 days
    • ICL: 30 days
  • For U.S. Army, Air Force and Coast Guard personnel, six months retainability from the date of surgery.
  • For U.S. Navy, Marines and Public Health Service personnel, 12 months retainability from the date of surgery.
  • For Guard and Reserve personnel, submit active duty orders that meet retainability requirements, which is six months from the date of surgery. Basic Training military entrance exams do not fulfill this requirement.
  • Prior to your consultation exam and surgical date, you must be out of your contact lenses for a minimum of 30 days for soft lenses and a minimum of 90 days for hard lenses.

Application Process

  • Submit the following forms, then a consultation exam will be scheduled:
    • Command Authorization: Only a commander’s authorization needs to be routed up the chain of command.
    • JBER Patient Information Sheet
    • Application for Corneal Refractive Surgery: This document is required for all active duty personnel wishing to receive treatment. Please identify and complete the form applicable to you:
      • Warfighter Application
      • Aviation and Aviation Related Special Duty
      • S. Air Force aviators in flying status career fields must obtain additional approval from the Aviation Program Manager prior to proceeding with surgery. After your pre-op exam with optometry we will forward application documents to the Aviation Program Manager. Once we have the permission to proceed letter; we will contact you to continue the process.
    • Managed Care Agreement: Complete this form if the following circumstances apply:
      • You will obtain post-surgical care at a location other than JBER.
      • You will move to a new duty station within three months after the surgery date.
      • You are on flying status, regardless of location.
    • Please include any non-military eye exams if you do not have military eye exams on file.
Please scan and send an encrypted email containing all required documents for the application process to If you have not heard from us within seven days, please call 907-580-2020 to confirm receipt of your submission.

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  • Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Closed the third Thursday for training

Telephone: 907-580-2020

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